Bhogali Jalpan Koomal Chawool – 500g

Koomal Chawool is the ‘Magic Rice’ of north east, no need for cooking, just put in water for few minutes, drain up the water and serve with cream, curd, molasses or sugar etc.


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Koomal Chawool is a special sort of rice from Assam that can eaten without cook. Koomal Chawool or mellowed rice is ready by Koomal Dhaan (Bora rice assortment). Bora Dhaan is cooked in a huge kadai at outside the house. At the point when it is cooked they are spread on a level surface to be sun-dried. Then the rice that is dried alongside the shell is ground at customary factories. They are exceptionally sensitive and require care and timing. We here in Bhogali Jalpan, rather than our old native framework, we created them to satisfy huge size of creation. We utilize roaster machine rather drying under sun. The ground rice will turn out in a delightful variety. These are the genuine Koomal Chawool and they can be saved in a water/air proof bundling framework for over 90 days. Since it is cooked alongside the shell it holds the nutrients and all round sustenance. Also, decreases awful cholesterol as well.

Carbohydrates 76.2%
Proteins 8.2%
Minerals 0.9%

Country of Origin: Assam, India

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