Bhogali Jalpan Chira – 400g

Chira or Flattened rice, also called beaten rice, Assamese: Chira is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes.

Soak the chira in water for a few minutes. Mix the soaked & dr dained chira with molasses, cream and banana or as your desire taste.

Best Before 86 days from the date of packaging. (Please check the product for more details)


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Chira, otherwise called flatenned rice, is a kind of rice dish produced using crude, toasted, or parboiled rice grains that have been beat into slim pieces. They can be eaten raw, seared, toasted, and so forth. It can have a light nutty flavor and have a fresh, crunchy, chewy, or delicate surface contingent upon the way things are utilized. It is likewise alluded to as beaten rice, beat rice, squeezed endlessly rice chips. This specific assortment of squeezed rice utilizes unquestionably the most elevated grade of rice grains. It very well may be drunk with sugar added with milk, cream, or curd and even with natural products. Also, it tends to be broiled and eaten with salt and different flavors.

Carbohydrates 80.60%
Proteins 7.20%
Fats 0.20%
Calories 353 Kcal

Country of Origin: India


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